The strike ends 1.3.2023

The stevedores’ strike ends

Our dear customer, AKT and the Port operators reached an agreement on the stevedoring collective agreement in the evening on the 1st of March.

The 15-day lasted stevedor’s strike came now to an end.

The collective agreement negotiated by the Automotive and Transport Workers Union AKT and Port operators expired at the end of January. Immediately after the end of the contract period, the AKT declared an overtime ban, leading to the ports become congested. The strike in stevedoring started on the February 15. AKT rejected two settlement proposals by the National Negotiator, which the employer side would have approved.

The resulting agreement ends all labor strike actions immediately.

At RP Group, work will return to normal on Thursday, March 2.

In the settlement of the labor dispute, it has been mentioned that the stevedores will return to work as soon as possible, but no later than Saturday March 4. to the starting normal work shift.