Fenniarail’s electric locomotive to Finland

This is the first acquisition of an electric locomotive by a private railway company in Finland. The commercial operation of the Vectron electric locomotive ordered by RP Group’s associate company Fenniarail Oy from Siemens Mobility will begin in November 2023.

The modern four-axle electric locomotive manufactured by the German company Siemens is tailored to Finnish conditions. One locomotive can pull freight trains weighing more than 2,000 tons at a higher average speed than current traction equipment.

Environmental factors have been taken into account throughout the locomotive’s life cycle, and Vectron’s energy efficiency is top class. Locomotive e.g. returns energy back to the electrical grid during braking, the control system optimizes energy use and guides the driver in choosing the best driving style. The structure of the locomotive is modular and 98% of the weight is recyclable materials.

“Through the electric locomotive investment, Fenniarail will increase its capacity and meet the demands of society and industry regarding the green transition of transport. This acquisition is a historic milestone in the diversification of the Finnish railway market,” says Fenniarail Oy’s CEO Lauri Helke.

“We invest in climate-friendly investments that increase efficiency and significant emissions reductions that can be achieved on a practical level,” states Fenniarail’s board chairman Petri Lempiäinen.