Labour market situation, Strike notice 14.2.2023

Dear Customer,

We follow the industry’s labor market situation and negotiations closely. RP Group (RP Logistics Oy, RP Timber Oy) is not a party to the negotiations and we hope for a quick agreement.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers and the delays caused by the possible strikes. After the possible strikes end, we shall return to the normal situation as quickly as possible.

If a work stoppage begins, we evaluate the effects of strikes on services daily and inform our customers about the strike situation in real time.

Effects of the strike and support measures in the stevedoring and transport industry

The Auto-ja Kuljetusalan Työntekijaliitto AKT ry has announced a strike in the stevedoring industry from February 15 until further notice, and a strike in the car and transportation industry for the period 15–21 February. During the time, all of RP Group’s stevedoring work in ports will be suspended. Container terminal operations and industrial logistics operations such as wood terminals are operating normally.