RP Timber Oy established an inland terminal in Nurmes, Finland

RP Timber’s inland terminal includes a private railway track. The terminal is located in the Nurmes’ new Green Industrial Area with rail track.

Customers goods are delivered to RP Timber’s inland terminal in order to be delivered via railway to Southern Finland ports for shipping. The goal is weekly traffic with full trains to the port of HaminaKotka. RP Timber Oy cooperates with train operator Fenniarail Oy, Finland’s first private railway operator operating universally in the Finland’s railway network. The area license took place on 15.10. and the first full train loading was on 19.10.2018.


The first company to utilize RP Timber’s Nurmes inland terminal service on a large scale is Kuhmo Oy. About 70% of the production of Kuhmo Oy, the largest sawmill in the region, is exported with Port of HaminaKotka as the main export port.


“For us, this new solution gives flexibility and security of supply. We are a strongly growing company and the movement of goods must be secured, ”says Tommi Ruha, CEO of Kuhmo Oy. “All the way up to area of Kuhmo, the Finnish railway network is not up and running, thus we have been pleased with the activity of RP Timber, Fenniarail and the city of Nurmes in this matter.”


For more information on the service, please contact Sanna Selenius, Sales Director, sanna.selenius@nullrpgroup.fi/ tel. 0400 490 610