Stora Enso shared acknowledgements with its partners

“Safetiness is created together”

Stora Enso celebrates Global Safety Week in all its units from 16th to 22nd November. During the theme week, Stora Enso distributed recognition to its wood procurement partners for the work done for safety.

Deliveries of wood raw material must be on schedule and the entire wood supply chain must play together smoothly in order for Stora Enso’s mills to produce renewable materials for the global market. In this work, Stora Enso is supported by about 70 companies specializing in timber harvesting, transportation and forest services across Finland.

During Safety Week, Stora Enso awarded recognition to its exemplary partners who had invested in timber harvesting and transport safety work and culture.

– We work a lot towards the smooth process of the wood supply chain and we are constantly developing working methods together with partner companies. There is also a lot of co-operation in the development of safety behind the successful procurement of wood, as evidenced by the fact that we now distribute recognitions to seven companies all over Finland for their work for safety. Safety is created together, says Lauri Kuusisto, Stora Enso’s Director of Wood Procurement in Finland.

RP Group and Mantsinen Group received recognitions in the category Timber Terminals. Below are Stora Enso Metsä’s justifications for RP Logistics Oy’s recognition.


Recognized partners


Factory wood terminals


RP Logistics Oy is a multi-expert logistics company
in ports and industrial areas.


Grounds for recognition: RP Logistics Oy has actively observed the working environment of the Sunila plant and terminal and the activities of people throughout the plant area. The findings highlight people’s behavior in both a positive and constructive way. Through safety observations and notifications, Stora Enso has also been able to target its own safety measures and improvement projects to improve common safety. Examples include input to enhance safety considering traffic routes, lighting and buildings.

Contact person for the media: Director Tomi Tuomala, tel. +358 400 555 088


Stora Enso Safety Week


Stora Enso’s annual safety week is held from 16th to 22nd November. During Safety Week, Stora Enso highlights best practices and success stories for improving occupational safety and emphasizes the importance of caring for others. In 2020, most of the Safety Week events will be held online.

Read more about Safety Week https://www.storaenso.com/en-us/newsroom/news/2020/11/digital-safety-innovations-show-agility-in-pandemic-times

Additional information: Satu Härkönen, Stora Enso Communications, tel. +358 40 832 7458