RP Logistics Oy

Industries’ innovative logistics partner

RP Logistics Oy is the parent company of RP Group. The services comprehend e.g. port operations, industrial logistics outsourcing, terminal services and transportation. The company also offers project services in ports as well as logistics expert services with more than 30 years of experience and know-how.

RP Logistics Oy’s innovative solutions reduce customers’ costs and help them achieve their climate goals.

RP Group also enables its customers to have a logistics value chain in which long transports are produced in co-operation with the railway operator Fenniarail Oy.

Logistics efficiency and EU climate targets

RP Group invests in modern equipment and resource-efficient operating models. RP Group has set itself the ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 55% in ten years, starting in 2020. The company wants to be a pioneer in sustainability in the logistics field. Thus, RP Group meets the climate goals set by the European Union. You can read about the company’s corporate responsibility here.

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