Efficient logistics with RP Group

We offer a wide range of logistics services. We are able to take advantage of the specific features of different industries and produce solutions that benefit all of our customers. With refined service packages, we are able to provide customized and efficient total solutions.

The cornerstones of our service offering are

  • modern machinery and practices
  • specialized logistics expertise
  • comprehensive knowledge of our customers processes

RP Group offers its customers a long logistics ESG-value chain

RP Group provides a long and energy efficient logistics pipeline between inland and southern Finland ports.

With its own energy-efficient fleet, the company provides transport and port services. Rail traffic in the chain is operated by Fenniarail Oy, an associate company of RP Group.

Besides well located terminals in southern ports, RP Group has an inland railway terminal in Nurmes.

The RP Group’s operating chain brings significant ESG value to customers in terms of cost efficiency and CO2 emission reductions.