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Road transport

kuljetuspalvelut autot CustomRP Run Oy is responsible for providing all our road transport services, using specialist equipment to transport containers, paper, pulp, woodchip and timber between mills, terminals and ports.

Rail transport

RP is the largest shareholder of Fenniarail Oy, a privately-owned Finnish rail operator and, in collaboration with its close associates, controls a majority stake in the company. We offer our customers a full range of comprehensive logistical services, including pre-carriage by train from industrial facility to port, port services and stuffing. This operational model allows us to minimise the supply chain pipeline and reduce the administrative burden on our customers.

For more information, please contact

Petteri Mussalo, road transport
+358 (0)44 560 5609

Petri Lempiäinen, rail transport
+358 (0)5 210 8000