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Vessel list

In the vessel list below you can find the vessels that are expected for loading or at port. The ETA’s as stated, is the latest information given to us from the shipping companies. Weather conditions and other operational interference can change the schedules. We are therefore monitoring the situation and update the vessel list regularly.

For vessels on the list, where space might still be available, a mentioning is made on the list and you can inquire for further details regarding space and rates to Sanna. sanna.selenius@rpgroup.fi or call her at + 358 400 490 610

You can save the list as a PDF by clicking the button below the list.

Vessel list Hamina

Last update: 07/07/2020 08:45

ETA At Port Departure date Vessel name Port of Discharge  
    12.06.2020 SEASTAR TRADER



     04.07.2020 OSLO WAVE 2



19.07.2020     BBC WESER







The dates & times, as stated in the "Vessel list" are the latest data, RP Timber Oy has received from agents and/or ship-owners and/or shippers.

In case you have problems delivering at said date & time or if you would like to discuss regarding the notice day & time, please contact us.

This list is meant as a guideline for delivery of goods, we cannot take responsibility for any inaccurate information based on the ETA of the vessels.

No legal, binding rights can be derived from this list. We do our utmost best to keep the list as accurate as possible.